The Sheraton Fitness is a custom designed center, known worldwide for its “4 factors” approach: MINDSET, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, RECOVERY

Our cutting edge fitness center delivers energizing, efficient and effective workouts for ultimate results in a minimum time.



Whether you like to start your day with a work-out or want to burn off some energy after a busy day of meetings or a long flight, you’ll find everything you need in our gym.

The Sheraton Bucharest Hotel is equipped with a state-of-the-art fitness center, providing also specialized in- room and restaurant dining options.

  • MINDSET – Reflecting and focusing thoughts to create a tuned-up mindset.
  • MOVEMENT – Properly fueling and hydrating to sustain peak performance values.
  • NUTRITION – Optimizing performance through mobility, stability and balance.
  • RECOVERY – Recharging mind and body to perform at your best throughout the day.